Amazon Prime Day Celebration! A Special Offer from ASINspector

Every year, ecommerce business owners (and consumers) mark a special day on the calendar; Amazon Prime Day. It’s one of the most important sales events that is perfectly timed during the peak of the summer holiday season, and right at the start of the back to school shopping blitz.

Drop shipping businesses always see a tremendous boost in sales from mid-July through Labor Day weekend. Behind the scenes, owners prepared some great deals from flash-sale priced items to cool product bundles that online shoppers would not resist. How do we know that ecommerce owners (like you) scored a huge victory during Amazon Prime Day 2018? Let’s take a look at some of the exciting data released by Amazon.

  • Sales during Amazon Prime Day exceeded $1 billion dollars worldwide and set a new record for the promotional event.
  • Amazon reported a 24% increase in sales, during the three-day period.
  • Prime members purchased over 100 MILLION products making it the ‘biggest global shopping event in Amazon history’.

There’s no doubt about it… Amazon Prime Day 2018 was a victory for everyone, and an exciting glimpse at the potential of online ecommerce sales.

Let’s be honest… if you own a shop, you already know that consumers have less time to drive to a store, and search for the products they want. It’s time consuming, inconvenient and there is always the potential that they will not find the product they are looking for. That’s why more consumers now, than ever before, are going online to find not only the products they want, but also amazing deals that can’t be matched even by big box and brick and mortar stores.

We’d like to congratulate everyone who took advantage of Amazon Prime Day 2018 to shop, sell and connect with new customers. The sales data reflects that the tremendous growth and demand for ecommerce will continue to trend upward. You are part of a revolution in retail, and our team at ASINspector want to be part of your success story.

What Does ASINspector Do for Amazon Ecommerce Sales?

We know there are thousands of apps the promise to do some of what ASINspector does for our ecommerce business owners every day, but we’d like to you test-drive our SaaS tools to see how our software can help you save time in product research and discovery and increase per product profitability.

ASINspector provides advanced ecommerce analytics that allows our members to:

  • Get their hands on instant sales trend data, including price history and sales rank progression over time. Is it a peak product that is exploding in terms of consumer demand every month, or one that is cooling off in terms of sales? Now you’ll know.
  • Find similar products within the same niche, at a more competitive price point.
  • Discover product ideas on Amazon that you can source from AliExpress to create your own private label product.
  • Eliminate wasted time invested in products that won’t sell. Get the sales proof you need to add only high-demand products to your store.

Congratulations again, to all our members and drop shipping ecommerce store owners who were part of the historical record-breaking sales during Amazon Prime Day 2018. Access our blog for strategic and actionable tips you can start using today, to grow your ecommerce sales with ASINspector.

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