3 Trending Personal Tech Products You Can Sell on Amazon or eBay

3 Trending Personal Tech Products You Can Sell on Amazon or eBay

As a retail arbitrage business owner, you have to be constantly looking at the products that consumers are excited about.  But the most experienced e-commerce business owners also learn to quickly identify trends that are building, or about to become “a big deal” so that they can get in on the sales potential (before everyone else does).

At ASINspector, we’re more than a leading SaaS provider for e-commerce, eBay and Amazon sellers.  We’re a community of mentors that coaches and helps new entrepreneurs to learn the secrets behind building and scaling a successful store.  

We took a peek at some recent data, and our team wanted to share with you some personal technology products we think are on the cusp of being a viral sales opportunity, not just before the peak holiday season, but perennial sales throughout the year.

  1. The Smart Ring

We have the smartphone, and some of us have smart watches to help us organize our day. Now, designers are working hard on an even smaller personal tech device; the smart ring.  The interesting thing about this product is it is at the tip of trending, which means it’s a great opportunity to research vendors and start selling it in your store!

What can a smart ring do? It can record a note or reminder.  It can unlock your front door, synchronize with your smartphone and much more.

  1. Sunrise Sleep and Wake-Up Lights

Waking up to your phone alarm, Alexa or Google Home alert tones is not very relaxing is it?  There have been a lot of clinical studies about how we wake up, and how the first 10 minutes of our day can impact alertness, mood and productivity.

Wellness centered alarms use a combination of features, to provide a gentle wakeup ritual.  Some of them utilize LED lighting to simulate sunrise, and a selection of natural morning sounds.  Others even have built-in aromatherapy, with pleasant herbal and floral scents known for improving alertness and happy feelings.

This one retails on AliExpress starting from $14.45 (US) and has a built-in radio, alarm, and LED sunrise simulator.  It also functions as a lamp for the bedroom side table.  On the luxury side, this Zen design also offers LED sunrise simulation, optional color changes for light therapy, and is rechargeable (so no plug-in required bedside).  The perfect gift that could retail for about $60.00 for the ‘personal who has everything’.

Here you can see, the results in ASINspector PRO for this keyword “LED Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock” which reveal in the top 17 positions, some very interesting numbers!

LED Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

  1. SmartPhone Holders (That Actually Work) in the Car

Hands up if you have bought about ten different types of smartphone holders for your car, and none of them have done the trick. The ones that stick to your windshield tend to be okay, but then you are stuck with a visual obstruction.  And the models that clip (somehow) to the vent of your dashboard? Yeah … those can be a bit of a nightmare and damage your car.

It seems to be such a simple thing, but since the adoption of smartphones it’s been an evasive product, with manufacturers trying to design the ultimate mounts for mobile devices.  But lately, rather than churning out more models that simply don’t cut it, there have been some genius designs that everyone wants to get their hands on.

Check out this one on AliExpress with an ultra-thin adhesive magnet that you can mount on your dashboard or center console.  It solves the problem of blocking your vent or having the base fall out of your ventilation grills. And the unit price is only $1.09 (US).  

But this one from retailer WeatherTech® that sits in the cupholder, is genius and selling out.   There are innovative designs that provide the same solutions on AliExpress to consider, like this one that wholesales from $4.42 (US) that provides multiple functions.


Want more product research tips and strategies to help you grow your e-commerce business?  Check out the coaching and training services we provide in The Academy from ASINspector.  Have questions? We love helping our customers!  Chat online with our support and we’ll be happy to chat about our software, and training programs.

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