Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Successful Amazon Reseller?

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Successful Amazon Reseller

Many people dream about owning their own retail business.  Whether you are interested in creating a part-time income or have a personal goal to transition from your day job to running your own business full-time, e-commerce is the way to go.

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You see, being a retailer in the past meant you had to have a store, pay rent for that commercial space, and invest big money purchasing stocking inventory that may, or may not sell.  That is not only risky, but it requires the kind of capital that most average entrepreneurs simply don’t have. 

Why is e-commerce so attractive?  Because you can start with just a few tools and a low investment of your own money, and quickly build a highly profitable and lucrative business selling popular goods online. And the best part? Amazon will do that product fulfillment for you, as you scale your sales and business.

Many companies and e-commerce sales coaches will tell you it is a passive income. That might have been true when e-commerce first arrived on the scene ten years ago.  Building a successful Amazon store and sales volume takes work, and you have to put in the time to market and promote your store to see your sales grow.

Do you have what it takes to be a successful Amazon Reseller? We’ve worked with thousands of store owners around the world, and they all have these six core skills in common.

  1. They Have a Creative Brand Idea That Serves a Community

Anyone can sell e-commerce products on Amazon. In fact, how many times have you seen the same product being sold at different price points, by different vendors on Amazon?   If everyone is selling the same products that offer the same value to shoppers, then Amazon shoppers will simply go with the lowest priced product they find, right?

But the purchase experience is so much more than just buying a product for the average consumer.  They want to feel like they belong to something, or that the product addresses their personal needs.  That is relational selling. Creating a brand that your customer finds appealing; one that they can relate to and feel like they are part of a community of likeminded people who have the same interests.

Are you selling fishing equipment, or are you selling to a community of anglers that wants to go from amateur to pro?  It’s never just about the product your customer buys, it is about the purchase experience that you are offering them. And that is the core fundamental branding exercise you need to start with, before you set up your Amazon store.

  1. They Love Marketing and Promoting Their Business

You have to be fanatical about your e-commerce business.  It takes grit and persistence to build a brand that cuts through all the noise your competitors in the same niche are making. Being a brand advocate for your own business means constantly talking about your products, your website and the unique experience that you provide your customers. 

When you look at interviews of some of the most successful Amazon resellers, you’ll notice that they are constantly enthusiastic about their brand.  You have to be, because that enthusiasm helps convince and convert browsers into shoppers and buyers.

  1. They Are Hyper Organized and Use Productivity Tools

Chances are that you are employed in a full-time day job, when you first enter the e-commerce marketplace as an Amazon Reseller. That means balancing a pretty hectic schedule, between work, your family and social life, and growing your e-commerce business.  And since you are working with 168 hours in your week, you have to optimize your time by working smarter, not harder in your online business.

Productivity tools and apps are a lifesaver, when it comes to saving time.  The good news is that there are thousands of apps and software tools that you can use to manage and grow your e-commerce business.  From finding trending products, to researching the best e-commerce vendors to source those products from, and automations that can make your customer service activities easier. 

The hard part is exploring all the tools to find the ones that offer you the most benefit, at the lowest possible cost to keep your overhead down and protect your growing profit margin.  That takes a little time and some effort, until you find the apps that work best for you.

  1. They Know What Products or Themes Are Trending

One of the most interesting things about global e-commerce sales, is how quickly a meme or a theme can become a hot-selling and trending product.  Consumers want to participate in things that ‘everyone is talking about’ and when a product becomes the ‘must have’ item, you want to make sure you are offering it in your Amazon Store. 

The ability to research and be observant of these fast-developing trends, is one of the most important skills you can master to be a successful Amazon Reseller. What you want to do is pick up on these trends early in the demand cycle and offer it at a better price point than traditional retailers like Walmart or Target.  When this happens and consumer see the trending product in YOUR store (which they can buy for less) you can create a feeding frenzy of retail purchases, simply by beating the ‘big guys’ on price.

  1. They Know How to Cross List Items from Amazon to eBay

One thing that successful e-commerce business owners know, is that online shoppers go to multiple locations to research the best price for the products they are looking for.  When you have your Amazon, store built and updated with products, you can easily export those listings and import them to your branded eBay store too.

They are the same target market; consumers who are looking for a bargain online.  There are many software providers that can help you seamlessly export all your product listings, images and descriptions so that you can start selling on eBay too, and double your sales growth.

  1. They Generate Optimized and Branded Content for Marketing

Remember earlier when we were talking about ‘cutting through the noise’ when it comes to reaching your target customer on Amazon or eBay?  You don’t have to have a master’s degree in SEO or digital marketing to get it done, but you do have to understand how to optimize every single piece of content that you put online.

All e-commerce shoppers start with a Google or alternate search engine search.  And those phrases can sound a little weird and look strange when you incorporate them on your product descriptions or landing page copy for your branded website. 

They make look something like this:

  •         Best small dog collars
  •         Safe toys for kids
  •         Plus size black dresses

You can see that online shoppers usually keep their search terms pretty straight forward, and Google reports back the closest match to those statements.  That’s the fundamental lesson in search term optimization to get you started. And consider that there are some great low-cost courses and coaching opportunities to teach you exactly how to write optimized content, that helps customers find your Amazon or eBay store.

If you’ve enjoyed some of our tips and advice about getting started as an Amazon Reseller, our team at ASINspector would love to hear from you.  What are your e-commerce goals? Do you already have an Amazon or eBay store (or are you planning one right now?) Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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