Reason #9 Why I Love ASINspector: The Import Feature

What do our customers say when they ask themselves…

“Why do I love ASINspector?”

This is why – when I need data on various products, I can use ASINspector Pro to get it all in a matter of seconds.

Why should I start importing product data?  

From a product’s estimated sales per month to its number of online reviews, this data will help me be up-to-date with what is hot & what will sell for a good profit right now. Moreover, I can use the data to analyze competing products and make ours better.

There is no limit to the number of products that I can obtain data from, so long as I know their ASIN numbers.   

See how this fantastic import feature works:

To quickly import product data, you simply:

  • Start by performing a search on Amazon, then click the ASINspector Pro Chrome extension.
  • On the bottom part of the page, click the “Import list of ASINs” button. A pop-up message asking about the ASIN numbers will then appear. You have the option to upload a file that contains ASIN numbers or manually input them into a text box.
  • After inputting all the ASIN numbers, click the “Analyze ASINs” to begin searching. In just seconds, ASINspector Pro will show all the product data of corresponding ASIN numbers you searched.
  • If you want to export the data, just go to the bottom portion of the page and locate the “Export to XLS” and “Export to CSV” buttons. The “Export to XLS” button will export all the data into an XLS format, while the “Export to CSV” button will allow you to download the data into the CSV format.

That’s it – you now have all the necessary data of different products at your hands.

The Import feature is only available to ASINspector Pro users…

…So make sure to have your copy of ASINspector Pro today and start importing useful data for your product analysis, marketing strategy formulation, and more.

Happy Selling

The Team @ ASINspecto

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