Reason #8 Why I Love ASINspector: Star Rating Stats

What do our customer say when they ask themselves…

“Why do I love my ASINspector?”

This is why – when I need new quickly identify the average ratings for competing products, I can quickly locate, sort and review the star ratings fast.

Why would I want to know the ratings?

For several reasons:

The products with the highest ratings are usually solid products that I can learn from in terms of what they do really well.

I can also look through their review comments to see what they may be missing that I can look to add to my product on order to beat them.

On the other end of the rating system, products with low ratings usually have comments that tell me what they did wrong, so I can look to avoid the same mistakes. I can also usually find some good ideas on suggestions customers leave to make them better so that I can consider those as well.

See exactly how to find the Star Rating Feedback stats here:

To quickly find these ratings, you simply:

  • Perform a product search on
  • Fire up ASINspector Pro on Chrome
  • When the results appear, click the “Rating” column at the top of the results section of the app
  • The products ratings will be generated in a matter of seconds
  • You can then click the “Rating” up and down arrows to sort the average reviews as you see fit

That’s it – you now have all of the competing products average ratings available for you to click through and research…

…allowing you to quickly review them to find new product ideas, product weaknesses to avoid and good feedback to consider as you create your own product, allowing you to beat your competition.

The Star Rating feature is available to all ASINspector users…

…so make sure you fire up your copy of ASINspector Pro today and start using the ratings feature to discover some great ideas for new products and product improvement ideas to beat the competition.

Happy Selling

The Team @ ASINspector

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