Reason #7 Why I Love ASINspector: The Idea Generator

What do our customer say when they ask themselves…

“Why do I love my ASINspector?”

This is why – when I need new ideas to work with, I can click our “magic light bulb”, the Brainstorm and Discover button, and let ASINspector Pro find new eCom keywords, products, and niches automatically.

Yes, in just seconds, I am handed a fresh list of new ideas to consider as I look for possible new products and more. And I can keep hitting the “magic button” as many times as I want to get round after round of new ideas.

See this awesome Brainstorm and Discover feature in action:

To quickly find new keywords, products, and niches, you simply:

  • Perform a product search on
  • Fire up ASINspector Pro on Chrome
  • When the results appear, click the “Brainstorm and Discover” lightbulb icon at the bottom of the app
  • A new window will popup and your first set of results will appear automatically
  • If you want more results, you click the “Find New Products” button as many times as you wish

That’s it – you now have an unlimited supply of fresh new product, keyword and niche ideas at your fingertips.

It really doesn’t get much easier than that to spark ideas for possible new products and more.

The Brainstorm and Discover feature are only available to ASINspector Pro users…

…so make sure you fire up your copy of ASINspector Pro today and start using the Brainstorm and Discover feature to discover some great ideas for new products, keywords and more.

Happy Selling

The Team @ ASINspector

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