4 Reasons You Need To Be Using Amazon Sponsored Ads

When it comes to selling on Amazon, I’m always amazed at how many sellers are NOT using Amazon Sponsored Ads. I think many of those sellers think that “if you list it, they will come”. Well, that may have worked in the movie “Field of Dreams”, but it generally does NOT happen on Amazon, at least with any kind of predictability or profitability.

Now, focusing on building reviews and sales is critical to your success, especially organic ranking, it’s also a slow way to go if that’s all you do.

That’s why I strongly encourage you to use Amazon Sponsored Ads as well. Now I know that spending money on ads can feel intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but these ads are generally a lot easier to set up and run than learning how to run ads on platforms like Google and Facebook.

With that in mind, I wanted to share with you 4 reasons you need to be using Amazon Sponsored Ads.


Large Audience Ready to Buy!

With hundreds of millions of customers, and tens of millions of Amazon Prime members, we don’t need to tell you how valuable and profitable selling on Amazon can be with audiences this large ready with credit cards in hand.

However, with so many competing products out there, if you’re not ranking on the 1st page, you’r product may not be as visible as you want it to be. Running Sponsored Ads is a quick, easy and affordable way to get on the front page of the most competitive searches, as well as many “longer tail” searches that your competitors are missing out on.

Here’s where your sponsored ads will run:

Depending on how much of a budget you set and how much you’re willing to spend per click, you could easily appear above and on the side of your top competitors listings.

That is a huge advantage for you if you’re able to constantly appear before their listings and be able to syphon off traffic to your listings instead.

And that leads me to my next reason:

Will Boost Organic Reach

As you syphon off sponsored traffic, you’ll be selling more products and faster, along with getting reviews more quickly, so naturally your Best Seller Ranking will improve (this assumes you have a quality product, great customer service and great reviews), which will mean more ORGANIC sales as well.

Yes, running Sponsored Ads will ultimately affect your Amazon product rankings, and higher rankings mean more organic sales, so you’re basically getting a double benefit by running these ads.

I’m not sure what more to say here, because the benefit of higher organic rankings is more sales, and it happens a lot faster than if you only tried to grow organically

Now, as you run your Sponsored Ad campaigns, you’ll get something else valuable – data, which leads me to my next reason for using ads…

Discover New High Conversion Keywords

Yes, as you run your ads, you’ll begin to gather sales data as well. That means you’ll start to see which keywords are converting into sales and which ones are not.

The great thing is that you can test all kinds of new keywords and keep the keywords that are converting and deleting the keywords that are not converting.

But how do you know which keywords to start with?

That’s where ASINspector Pro comes in.

When you do a product search on Amazon and fire up this awesome Amazon research tool, you’ll simply hit the Key Icon on the competing product that you want to pull keywords from, and in just seconds, it will generate a list of their keywords that you can use to start your Ad campaigns.

For each product that you examining keywords for, you’ll see what the most searched keywords are, the ranking they have for the keyword and the number of results for each keyword.

Then you’ll go product by product that you want to pull keywords for and you’ll export the results so that you can start creating a database of keywords to start with as you begin to create your related keyword list inside the Amazon Sponsored Ads system.

Once you have picked your initial keywords to run with, you’ll set your advertising budget and let it run for at least a week so it has time to gather data and see which keywords are converting and which are not.

As you continue to run potential keywords through your ads, you’ll start to see which keywords are the winners and increase your budget using them while you delete the non-converting keywords.

And that leads me to reason number four…

Dominate the Market

As you begin to “feed” your winning keywords with higher budgets and remove your non-converting keywords, you’ll start acquiring new sales at lower and lower costs.

As you do that and if you keep re-investing into your advertising budget, you can really start to scale your ads which means you’ll be selling more and more…

…and you’ll begin to dominate your competition on Amazon.

What’s crazy is that you’ll also see how many of your really successful competitors NOT running their own Sponsored Ads, and they’ll be confused as to how you came from nowhere and completely overtook them, not just in sales, but also in organic rankings.

Then you just need to focus on making sure you never run out of stock on Amazon (it will kill your rankings if you run out of inventory, because Amazon only makes money when you have inventory to sell, so they penalize you if you run out).

Bottom line, if you’re not currently running ads to your Amazon products, then you’re missing out on a lot of sales and rankings just waiting out there for you… and you’re selling way less than you could be selling.

So here are your action steps:

  1. Get ASINspector Pro here right now so you know what keywords to use in your Sponsored Ads
  2. Start running some Amazon ads immediately, even if you have to start with a small budget like $5 per day. Just get it started.

That’s it – now it’s time to take action and start running your own Amazon Sponsored Ads!