3 Ways To CRUSH Your Amazon Competition


I’m not sure if you’re as competitive as I am, but I hate losing, especially if losing means I lose money 🙂

That’s part of the reason why we created ASINspector Pro – we originally created it for our own needs so that we’d have the right tools to help us beat our Amazon competition.

We’ve also narrowed down how to really beat your competition into 3 main ways.

Master and Dominate PPC (Amazon Sponsored Ads) In Your Market

I won’t get into all the details about how set up and run Amazon Sponsored Ads, because they are easy to set up…

…and I already detailed how to set them up in this post here titled:

“4 Reasons You Need To Be Using Amazon Sponsored Ads”

However, I will tell you more about why to use them.

First, you’ll jumpstart your sales immediately, so if you have a new product that does not have a good Best Seller Ranking yet, then this is a way to see a lot of sales fast.

And as you generate those sales, you’ll start improving your organic sales because your rankings will start increasing due to your new sales.

So using Amazon Sponsored Ads actually gives you a strong boost in both immediate paid sales and organic sales.

Not only that, your competition probably does not run Sponsored Ads, so your ads will appear above and to the side of their listings, and you’ll syphon off some sales that might have gone to them.

So that’s more like 3 big benefits, just for using Sponsored ads.

Create Better Listing (Pics, Split Test, Reviews)

The next big way to crush your competition is to create better listings.

Again, I won’t go into too much detail here, because I cover how to create better listings in this post here:

6 Growth Hacks That Will Turn You Into An Amazon Selling Whiz”

The point here is that most of your competitors have probably done the bare minimum on their listings just to get it up.

I see it all the time – they aren’t using all the product photo slots they have available, they haven’t optimized their titles to include keywords (or the opposite – they’ve keyword stuffed and it turns of possible customers), or maybe they haven’t spend time really working to write up compelling Products and Benefits.

It’s NOT hard to create a fully optimized product listing…

…and when you take the time to create it right, you’ll see the ranking and sales benefits as you promote your listings, rise in the ranks, and overtake the competition.

Create Product Bundles

The last big way to crush your competition is to do something else that none of them are doing either – creating product bundles.

Now, you can do this in several ways:

  • Bundle multiple of the same product together (if selling multiple units together makes sense for your product).
  • Bundle your product with your other related products that you sell
  • Bundle your product with other 3rd party products that are typically bought together. Now, you’ll need to look over the terms Amazon has here so that the 3rd party products you’re bundling with don’t have an issue with it.

How would the last one look?

Well, if you sold BBQ Gloves and you don’t yet have other complimentary products for sale yet…

…then look at what else people have added to their order when they bought BBQ Gloves.

A quick way to find this out is to run a quick Amazon search, then fire up ASINspector Pro.

Once the results page has pulled up all the products, click on the Frequently Bought Together Icon and it will quickly pull up related products.

In this example, when we searched for BBQ gloves, and selected the Bought Together icon, we get these results:

So people that bought BBQ Gloves also bought:

  • Meat Thermometers
  • Meat Thermometer Probe Clips
  • Probe Replacements
  • Bear Claws Meat Shredders

Think people would like to buy all or some of these together as a bundle to make their lives and their order easier?

Maybe also seeing a way to get ideas for new product to source and sell so that you can create your own bundle of products that you own completely?

Now if only there was a way to find out how to source products like these – at the click of a button? 🙂

Sorry for getting a little sassy there…

…it’s just that sourcing these possible new products really are just a click away…

…when you have our ASINspector Pro software.

It’s such a no-brainer that it needs to be in your Amazon tool box today if it isn’t already.

Wanna see how quickly it is to source new related products?

Let’s use the BBQ Bear Claws from the example above. When you have the Bear Claw product up, simply click the Shopping Cart Icon in ASINspector Pro and select one of the websites listed.

If you wanted to Private Label your own, select a place like AliExpress where you can start with a smaller order first so you can test your bundles and make sure they’ll sell well.

It’s really that easy to add more products and create your own bundles…

…not to mention having new individual products to sell as well.

At the end of the day, if you just focus on these 3 ways to improve your sales and listings, you’ll be well on your way to increasing your sales and rankings and ultimately overtaking your competition, who is most likely NOT doing all of these things.

These are all simple ways to constantly improve, so pick one way right now and get started today.