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Streamline your product research.  Extract rank, sales volume, estimated revenue, find out where it is being sold on other sites, source product and more.

With ASINspector Chrome Extension you will be able to:

  • Know Best Seller Ranks

    Quickly know who is the best seller of any product and if there’s room for competition. This is the simplest tool to find hidden gems and source pricing instantly!

  • Category / Nodes

    Instantly know every category/ node a particular item is listed in. This software makes it very easy assisting/ researching your listing and gives you intel of what nodes you should be focusing on

  • Source the Product Quickly

    Easily source the cost and availability of product on Aliexpress, Alibaba or E-bay to see if it’s worthwhile competing in that niche in seconds.

  • Revenue Estimator

    Know estimated monthly sales volume instantly to see if it’s worth competing with on your e-com site or selling platform

  • Instantly know Ratings

    Product review statistics, including number of reviews and the average star rating are neatly displayed.

  • Product Pricing

    Be able to know what other competitors are selling the product for such as Walmart or Ebay instantly with one click.

Ultimate Advanced Research Tool For Ecommerce Businesses - ASINspector PRO -  Research, Reverse Search, Mobile Scan, Saved Searches

With ASINspector PRO you get all ASIN Standard features plus:

  • Spy on your competitor

    With our keyword search and find too

  • Mobile Scan

    Yes scan any item anywhere from any store on your ISO/Android device

  • Filtering

    Effortlessly filter any category and or column and drill down to find exactly the parameters you are looking for.

  • Brainstorm

    Not sure what to search click our magic light bulb and let ASINspector Pro find it for you

  • Import

    Import unlimited amount of ASIN’s at once, then let ASIN Pro research them all (with filters as well)

  • Reverse search

    Reverse search any Ebay site from any country India, UK, Australia, US, Europe, Asia and more…

  • Related Keywords

    Easily get other related keywords for any product in Google + Google Trends

  • Store and Save

    Simply store and save your most favorite searches to easily with one click find them again.

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30 Day - Money Back Guarantee - 100% No Risk

Our team is so confident that you will love ASINspector that we are willing to offer you an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

As entrepreneurs we frequently invest in our own business, whether it be advertising, or personal development, or software tools to help us create more automation, traffic, leads, and sales.

With ASINspector you can try us out for 30-days, 100% risk free, to experience for yourself the true passion and support that we give to our customers.

Real Feedback From ASINspector Users!

brad1 Brad Piontkowski

eric1Eric Flat

ASINspector is my go-to tool all the time because it is the ONLY tool that does such a great job for product research on the german market. It already found one bestseller for me and another one I ordered just yesterday. I would definitely consider it my most important time-and-life-saver tool I use in my Amazon business. It allows me to scale much quicker and pick the winners easily. I already recommended it to several other German sellers (no affiliate link, just a REAL recommendation) and each and every one of them bought& loved it!

Philip Kleudgen

ASINspector save me countless hours and is THE best tool for researching and sourcing products. A+ software and support! Highly recommended!

Ben Chan

The OLD way: Research a category on Amazon. Open one product listing. Scroll down to find the rank, number of reviews, rating, who the seller is, the buy box price, number of sellers, the size of the item, the weight of the item, spend a week tracking sales to get an idea of how many items are selling. Then go to CamelCamelCamel to check sales history. Then go to Alibaba & Aliexpress to see if someone in China makes it. Then go to Ebay, Walmart, Target to compare prices. Then get your calculator out to work out how much profit you can make per item. Then do it all again for the next item. And do it all again for the next item etc. etc. until your wrists ache & your eyes go blurry. The NEW way: Click on the ASINspector chrome extension button. Done. Which way do you prefer? I think 'no brainer' is the phrase you are looking for smile emoticon

Peter Skuse

personDaryl Grone

rachelRachel Kent

Today I reassigned one of my researchers to other tasks because ASINspector cut his workload by 22 Hours Per Week. That is a cold hard cash savings of $17,160 per year. The time it saves is only the beginning; the quality of the research is better than ever so my growth rate increased. I want bottom line numbers not promises when I choose tools to run my business. ASINspector delivers just that!

Mike Collins

Dude, this thing rocks!!!

Neil Twa

This is the easiest tool. We never used to do as much research just because of how long it would take. We are now able to list 2-3 additional products a week on our Shopify stores just because of the assistance of the ASINspector. Thanks for letting us test this, not really sure how we would function without it now!

Sarah Briggs

One word: SOLID!!!

Chris Record

beth1 Beth Carrick

hollyHolly Helder

I know what is coming so I am SUPER excited. Everyone of my employees will use this as a mandatory tool and resource. Time is money and this saves a ton of time ie. Money. Not to mention it removes so much tedious work that I actually found myself with some free time to see how much time it would save my employees per month, increase their productivity and provide me with better source reports. This little baby will net me over $1mil a year based on some pretty in-depth details in our projection models.

Mike Collins

WOW! It's like you knew exactly what we needed! Thank so much for building such an amazing tool! This literally saves me 10-12 hours a week, and I'm just a part timer!!

Jennifer Drury

No worries on the testimonial but honestly, I wish you guys were NOT selling this. I don't want to share. Seriously, this is the best tool we have for our business. Sourcing products takes a lot of effort but this cuts down the time in a HUGE way. I actually enjoy the gems we find with ASINspector. Thanks Lowell

Denis Mills

ASINspector is the ultimate INTEL software. We have been able to find new trends, products we would have never thought of and find out what our competitors are doing very quickly. This has already saved me 100's of hours and I'm just getting started

Wade Buxton

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconCan I export the data?

    Yes,  Both the Standard and the PRO you can easily export the data you have chosen to either a CSV file or an EXCEL file. The ASINspector Pro will remember your last saved the options/ data you have selected to research. These are the options that will instantly be downloadable in the format you choose!

  • q-iconCan I save my searches for easy reference later?

    Yes with ASINspector Pro you are able to easily save and store your favorite searches.

  • q-iconCan drill down and filter to obtain the search I'm looking for?

    Yes, in the PRO only you can easily filter any category and or column and drill down to find exactly the parameters you are looking for.  Save yourself hundreds of hours of time doing it manually

  • q-iconDoes this work for Amazon stores other than the US?

    Yes?  It currently works in multiple countries. From Canada to the UK, our software instantly calculates the currency of the platform you are searching on without any adjustments.

  • q-iconDoes this work on any Browser?

    No.  Both the standard and pro are chrome extensions and only work on chrome.   It runs as an extension inside your Chrome Browser. If you do not have Chrome you can download it here.

  • q-iconCan I use this software on multiple computers and will the product stay up to date?

    No, Both the PRO and Standard will be issued a license Pro which is tied to  one person. The licensing ties into your Facebook account to confirm you own the product.

  • q-iconHow does the reverse search work?

    This is a PRO feature only and it is very easy – you simply goto Walmart, Ebay or number of others and search for what you want and then click Pro tool icon and it will bring up all the results that you just searched on Walmart or Ebay and break them down.  This is a huge time saver.

  • q-iconDoes the reverse work on anything but Walmart?

    Yes works on Ebay all sites from Canada, US, UK, Euro, Australia, India, and more…  You can reverse search anything from your ebay and have it come up on PRO and display all the information.  We are constantly adding more and more sites everyday you get them at no extra charge. (PRO feature only)

  • q-iconCan I sort the Columns?

    Yes, Easily sort the columns and find out the least ranked, highest ranked and or revenue, reviews whatever you want to find out can be done with one click.  Save yourself hundreds of hours of time doing it manually.

  • q-iconHow do I scan using my mobile device?

    With our mobile scanner you can scan any UPC/Barcode and have it loaded up into your PRO and display them with complete breakdown.  Quickly find products while your out and about doing your normal everyday stuff (Pro Version Only)

ASINspector Standard
One Time Payment
Source the product quickly
Revenue Estimator
Instantly know ratings
Product Pricing
Source the product quickly
-Frequently Bought Together
Instant Sourcing Product Research
Net Payout after AMZ fees calculator
Compare Prices with Competitors
Know Best Seller Rankings
ASINspector Pro
Annually ($8 a month)
Everything in the Standard..
Spy on your competitor
Mobile Scanner
ASIN Product Keywords
Manage and Save your favorites
Import ASIN’s in bulk
Reverse Search on Ebay
Reverse Search on WalMart
Related Keywords
ASINspector Product Tracker
Filtering with Parameters you set
Recover and Apply Filters with your Parameters
Show Sponsored Links
Opening Products on a separate Page
Loading Similar Products
Remove Irrelevant Products
One Click Import from App Scanner
Reverse Search
Related Keywords
Store and Save
Currently Includes the Tracker valued at $39 per month
With the Tracker:
Find profitable products in seconds
Track any Product on Amazon
Track by Revenue, Best Seller, Rank, Units Sold or any other Parameter you choose
Set Alerts based on the criteria you set
Track Changes in your competitor's products, inventory, pricing, profit margins, keyword positioning and more

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